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Ironically, despite my body being less sleek, trim and smooth than those days, I have WAY more confidence.

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Now, I prefer as bright of a light as possible to see everything, and there’s not a lot I won’t try.I‘m actually a model now who has no problem posing naked.I’ve found myself in some crazy situations — for example, popping a mysterious green pill that might have been ecstasy while climbing a mountain in Topanga in high heels in the moonlight, trying to reach a Burning Man party full of people dressed like elves and fairies. ” and also some comments that seemed to arise from jealousy. Even marriage doesn’t protect you from a relationship ending.But as my favorite film character, Auntie Mame, said, “Life is a banquet, and most poor folks are starving.” Dating younger men helped me remember to suck every last drop of experience from the time I have left.5. Dating someone nearly 20 years younger barely elicited a reaction from people who know me. But overall, they were very accepting, while also being understandably concerned about the emotional damage such relationships might cause when they ended. Knowing there was an expiration date on these liaisons made them that much more intense.Or a boon to the still-attractive woman who may have been dumped by her husband for younger?

Because now she can, post-divorce, go have the best sex of her life with sexy, taut younger men?

Or why there was bottle of Aquanet in every teen girl’s bathroom. Many of them have no clue about universal relationship boundaries.

I’ve had a lot of fun waxing nostalgic about my youth to people still in their youth, and turning them on to the pop culture icons and music we revered back in the day.3. My first “cougar cub” had an ex-girlfriend he portrayed as “just a friend”. We had many arguments about this girl, as she seemed to be completely obsessed with him. There were so many life markers I’d already passed that he had no clue about.

He had a drinking problem, and that was the one insurmountable obstacle.

When someone choose the chaos of alcohol addiction over a loving relationship, there’s not a lot you can do about that, no matter what the age difference.

My first younger man experience was with an adorable 23-year-old I met not long after I turned 40. Thankfully, it’s becoming more acceptable for older women to date (not just hook up with) younger men.