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There may, instead, be a craving, a longing of sorts, to have someone in your life and someone that you can share things with.

Even though you’re warned that he’s a huge player or a loser, it doesn’t stop you from latching onto him.

It also doesn’t take very long to realize that you’ve made a big mistake…again. If you must have a man in your life in order to feel happy, that’s another sign that you’re not ready to be involved in a relationship.

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One sign that you’re not ready for a relationship is in the guys that you keep being drawn to.

Time after time, the guy you’re attracted to is in no way the one that you need to be with.If you’re spending more time looking for love than enjoying the interests you have, you’re not ready to be in a relationship.Granted, you do need to be out there in social situations if you ever plan to meet the right guy, but don’t plan all of your outings around The Hunt.Many people are so busy focusing on finding someone to be in a relationship with that they miss the fact that they’re not actually ready to be involved with anyone.You would think that a person would know whether or not they were ready, but that’s not always the case.When you’re invited to a social event, unless you have a date to escort you, it’s likely that you’ll make up an excuse to not attend.