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I have asked her to color her hair and take the gray out.She has accommodated me at times in the past, but recently she stopped doing it and said she was upset with how I feel about it and about my asking her to get rid of it.Have you considered that maybe she actually likes the way she looks, that the gray hair makes her feel confident and sexy, and that she enjoys the ease and convenience and budget-friendliness of going natural?Have you thought that maybe, when it comes to her hair, her own feelings are more important than yours?Yang on pursuing comedy | Audio Singer Brett Young on giving country music a new sound | Audio Country singer Carly Pearce making music for the everyday woman | Audio Barging into the Hollywood Boys' Club with Humor | Audio Elizabeth Smart: Nearly 16 Years Later | Audio Hillsong Church's founder on the church's success and his biggest personal disappointment | Audio New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu on race, family and 2020 | Audio Previewing the 82nd Masters Tournament | Audio MLK, The Man, In His Final Years | Audio The Fight for Trans Equality | Audio Counting Crows' Adam Duritz on 25 years of making music and new tour | Audio Pop sensation Grace Vander Waal on her evolving sound and fame | Audio Derek Jeter on being a team owner, the future of baseball and fatherhood | Audio Simplicity and Transparency: Keys to Preventing a Meltdown | Audio Remembering Comedy Legend Garry Shandling | Audio Social psychologist Amy Cuddy on body-mind effects, the science behind it and critics | Audio Traveling outside your comfort zone with Rick Steves | Audio Karen and Charlotte Pence on their new children's book and being America's Second Family | Audio | Puerto Rico 6 Months After Hurricane Maria | Audio Journalist and author Anna Quindlen on new novel and the "Me Too" movement | Audio Olympian Scott Hamilton explains why you have to fall in order to win | Audio Helping the next generation of tech engineers and entrepreneurs | Audio Pay Attention: Putting your Phone Down | Audio March Madness Predictions | Audio Nightmares. | Audio Bestselling Instapoet Rupi Kaur on feminism, being a woman of color | Audio Actress Anna Deavere Smith on her new HBO film and the Parkland student activists | Audio Author Jodi Picoult on her novel "Small Great Things" and tackling race | Audio Inside Israel's Targeted Assassinations | Audio Would you want to know the date of your death?

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Adjusting physical appearances for a partner is not a tit-for-tat thing.You accommodate Irene’s preferences about your physical appearance, and it’s natural that you would want that reciprocated. All things are not created equal when it comes to adjusting or maintaining physical appearances.Now, if you REALLY did not want to keep your hair short and you felt strongly about having facial hair and Irene kept bugging you about it and you made a deal that you would accommodate her if she accommodated your preferences, you’d have a leg to stand on here. I suspect if you told her that you were going to let your hair grow because that’s how you prefer it, she’d probably say, “Ok.” Because she knows what it feels like to want to wear your hair a certain way and to feel pressured to change it.David Agus explains gene therapy and it's potential | Audio Nicholas Kristof on the North Korea threat and the opioid crisis | Audio Author Jason Reynolds discusses new novel with Gayle King | Audio Comedian Patton Oswalt on the loss of his wife, finding love again and the future of comedy | Audio Pussy Riot founding member on her imprisonment, Putin and the NFL take-a-knee protest | Audio What five extraordinary leaders during turbulent times can teach today's leaders | Audio Dr.