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Romanies do call their rougher counterparts pikeys to raise themselves above the embarrassing reports in the gutter press.

Modern day black culture seems to have their youth use the "N" word in jest to each other,so Romanies may use the "P" word to one another in the same context,i.e, a sense of humor.

Old fashiond travelers wud go divie if u done it yrs ago Sat Apr 19 2008 Gypsy hawkins Seems to be a lot of confusion out there. The facts are that the Oxford book of slang says that pikey was first recorded in 1847.So there is evidence to suggest that gorgies were calling gipsies pikeys pre dating the Crimea war let alone the second world war.Pikey probably spread from Kentish slang and was used for those who travelled the roads who looked a bit rough and ready.Our 11 year old son gets called pikey at school and so i explaned to him what the gorgies were calling him and why.The turnpikes or tollroads had sharp wooden pikes placed around the payement turnstyles.

The pikey was in charge of these tollbooths and was often a rough old person.

and as such she should be advised that she is still a child and should enjoy being one while she can.

she has all her adult life ahead of her when she can make her own mind up about who she she does for a living and how she brings her children up.untill then it should be pointed out to her that her mother and father love her and only want what is best for her.which any one with half a brain would say she is better off with them for at least another couple of years....

The Gypsies suffered as much as the Jews did, yet the obliteration of the Gypsy Race seams to be Forgotten history. I've known Romany families that haven't spoken for years because of something really silly, So in my opinion the family blood thing is a load of nonsence or they'd be there for these two young people.

Today all over the world we continue to face widespread public prejudices and offical Discrimination Thu Apr 17 2008 sherridans sister ill always stick by lesha girl no matter what because she have stuck by me when i went through hell and back and she was only 15 at the time and she was with me day and night she is a nic girl, ive told her not to listen to the people on here but she said ots only there thoughts and she knows that there is no wrong in what people tink but it does get to her her and sherridan/my brother talk evry day about the situation and i know that at the enbd of this all it will be a good begging for the both of them,xx Thu Apr 17 2008 TO cliff have you seen the vidio where the gypsys are being taken into the gas chambre i think that it was so sad aswell has the jews thats a true life story that my mum and dad and grandparents wont forget Thu Apr 17 2008 sally Maybe you are all missing the point?? Yes i went through very similar circumstances as Lesha girl and Sherridan, but i always knew my family would stand by me whatever happened.

Darren Langton TO Cliff The film you refer to is about one Roma family's struggle during the gypsy holocaust.