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Come be part of the live audience beginning around 7 p.m.

on Wednesday, July 18 somewhere near the Dirty Shame.

Not exactly sure what it’s supposed to do but I think I’m becoming a better swimmer.

That’s the show in which Landmarkers Chris Kamler, Brad Carl and I drank shots of liquor and had our blood-alcohol content monitored by Platte County Sheriff’s Deputy Kenny Buck.

You can watch that video on our Facebook page at

I’ve noticed Park Hill officials are quick to point this out the past couple of times The Landmark has reported on employment lawsuits the district has chosen to settle, as if having insurance excuses the behavior that brought the lawsuit. And keep in mind the insurance is purchased with taxpayer money and the insurance premiums would seem destined to go shooting upward after a pattern of this kind of thing.

The individual defendants listed in the lawsuit (see the front page story for details) all have the word “doctor” in front of their name. ****** Read through some of the facts and the allegations in the Park Hill case.

****** If you follow our information on social media, you may have noticed I mentioned I’ve been in contact with Donnie Baker, the popular internet personality/cult hero and have invited him on a future episode of Landmark Live.

As you can tell, because of the unanticipated rant caused by Park Hill ridiculousness I’ve run out of room to talk about the man/the myth/the legend that is Donnie Baker.

Our buddy Chris Kamler will join Brad Carl and I as we try to set the internet on fire that night.

The show is sponsored by realtor Brandon Edlin of RE/MAX.

We’re finding it rewarding when people ask us to come do a Landmark Live telecast at their place of business or a community event.

A lead official with the Platte County Fair recently strolled into our office and asked if we’d come do our Landmark Live show on opening night of the fair.

And let’s move past this part of the obvious: Yes, the Park Hill School District has insurance for this kind of thing.