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So I just was going to wait for maybe one more Immunity Challenge. She voted against you too -- are you saying you don't really consider that flipping on your alliance with her? Reality TV World: So did any of the castaways who are still there know where it's hidden? Reality TV World: So now that you're gone, do you think one of them will try to find it and keep it for themselves? The rules of the game are if I didn't give it to anyone, it's basically been absolved. Ozzy: [I planted it] sort of as a rouse -- as a red herring. Even if I hadn't of made a fake idol, I still would have been outed for having the [real] idol. Ozzy: No, because I know that some of the people that did, they were some of the first gone. Reality TV World: What were you saving the idol for? Ozzy: Pretty much, I think the idol guaranteed you Top 4 or 5 or something. Did you ever think it might out you for having the real one? Do you wish you had talked some strategy prior to leaving?When Courtney returned for Survivor: Villains, she even wore the hat Stephen had worn during his first season.

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On Friday, a melancholy Ozzy talked to Reality TV World about why trusting his alliance was really the only reason he thought he was safe and caused him to not bring the idol to Tribal Council; what the current status of his relationship with Amanda Kimmel is; and why he doesn't regret his decision to trust Cirie Fields despite her being only a "superficial" member of his alliance. " Ozzy: I think that quote was kind of taken out of context. Ozzy: I think I told only Amanda, James and Parvati. We just got along, we understood the way to do things better than anyone else. Reality TV World: Parvati had mentioned how she thought you'd be unbeatable in the final Tribal Council. Ozzy: I think my name was put into a hat with a bunch of other people and I just got lucky.

Reality TV World: What was your reaction as host Jeff Probst started to read the votes and you realized several of them were for you? Reality TV World: Okay, so that basically sums it up? I pretty much just thought that over and over again. I don't think it was as cut and dry as like, "Oh man. You should bring the idol." It was a little more vague than that. Reality TV World: So just to be clear, going into that Tribal Council last night you fully expected Jason to be the one eliminated? Reality TV World: So you were completely caught off guard? Reality TV World: Prior to Tribal you said you "might" take the idol with you. Reality TV World: Were you aware that word of you possessing it had already started to leak out before Eliza Orlins outed you? After a certain number of people go to Exile Island, it's pretty apparent after that that somebody would have the Immunity Idol. Do you agree with that and which member of your four-person alliance do you think was the most beatable at the final Tribal Council? Reality TV World: How did you end up being part of ? Reality TV World: Were you thinking it was going to be a full Ozzy: That's what I was hoping. Ozzy: Because I knew that if it was half and half I would have a hard time dealing with getting over my reputation. Reality TV World: What was your original strategy heading into the game and did it differ from the first time you participated in when you made it to the final Tribal Council? Ozzy: I've got a website -- -- you can go and get some T-shirts and other merchandise, help me out a little bit.

But for whatever reason, I thought things were okay. Reality TV World: Did James ever explain what he was basing his "bad feeling" on? Reality TV World: Okay, so you weren't aware of that the whole time you were out there? Reality TV World: Were you ever made aware of Parvati's alliance with Alexis Jones and Natalie Bolton? We kind of assumed that she made friends with them [when all three were members of the Airai tribe]. Do you think she would have been stronger sticking with the couples alliance? Reality TV World: Were you sincere in stating you would have went to the Final 4 with James, Amanda and Parvati? Reality TV World: When we talked to Tracy Hughes-Wolf, she accused Malakal of throwing Immunity Challenges to weed-out the tribe's Fans. "Ozzy: Jonathan and Eliza, they're probably way more untrustworthy than Cirie. Reality TV World: Seeing as how she was one of the main organizers of your elimination, do you regret that decision in hindsight? Did you ever consider someone like Ami might have been a better choice? Again, you've got to pick a person you think is going to be a little more trustworthy. Reality TV World: Would you consider yourself an Amanda fan from the few episodes of you got to watch before leaving for Micronesia? Reality TV World: Was it initially just an alliance that blossomed into something more, or was it the other way around and an alliance just made sense? Reality TV World: What's the current status of your relationship with Amanda? If I hadn't made the mistake of not playing the idol, I think I would have made it pretty far. Reality TV World: Once you were at Tribal Council, did you wish you had brought the idol with you? Reality TV World: Personally speaking, which castaway would you like to see win ?

I know was still airing last fall, but had he or Amanda ever revealed his own Hidden Immunity Idol blunder to you? Reality TV World: Did Amanda ever talk to you about how Parvati approached her about a potential alliance with Alexis and Natalie? So it was just a question of choosing who was more trusting. I think Ami would have eventually done the same thing [as Cirie]. Reality TV World: Viewers got a glimpse at your romantic relationship with Amanda. Ethan fought a long battle and incredibly overcame cancer twice before it was announced that he and Jenna split.Last year, Ethan married interior decorator Lisa Heywood.Erik and Jamie met on Survivor China and quickly bonded over their faith, with Erik confessing to Jamie that he was a virgin who was saving himself for the right girl. Although not as official as Rob and Amber, these two shared a sweet romance during Survivor: Borneo, making Survivor history! Courtney Yates and Stephen Fishbach No one could have predicted this pairing!The very next year the two got married and have since had children! Both fan favourites in different seasons, Courtney Survivor: China and Stephen Survivor: Tocantins dated for a good while before eventually breaking up and remaining good friends.Todd has since overcome a life threatening alcohol addiction after appearing on Dr. Ozzy and Amanda Objectively the hottest couple in Survivor history, audiences got to watch these two fall for each other during Survivor Micronesia: The two dated after the show finished filming, however, have since split. The allies then created, through a decision of blindsides and every person, to run off all the taking men.