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Those originally Moscrop in other areas appear to have retained the original spelling. Mossop in the early part of this century, Chancery Records between 15 state that Richard Moscrop of Gosforth conveyed lands in his own lifetime to his son Thomas.In the earlier years the surname was given as Moscrop/Moscrope/Mosscroppe and similar variants but around the 1730s this branch began to change to Mossop although by then they were fairly dispersed over West Cumberland. I do not have the precise date but Thomas had apparently died by 1565. Mossop was a descendant of a Seascale family one of whom, Rev.

Even so, it is circumstantial that her maiden surname was Moscrop and that she was William’s cousin.THOMAS Baptised 2 July 1598 buried 16 April 1668 Married Dorothy 6 children of which 2 died young.In contrast, William of Bankhouse did have children: I can find no marriage for him and Margaret.I have assumed his wife’s name was Margaret for reasons, see below.I have researched our main line back through Moses of Rottington Hall and on to known descendants.

For the rest I have relied on several good people who have provided registration certificates, parish register information, census returns, churchyard inscriptions, wills and family knowledge.

I have looked in every imaginable place for a will of William of Bankhouse without success.

The above is piecing together information which is not proven but the first time we definitely identify our family is in 1638 when Margaret Moscrop, widow, died at High Prior Scale and was buried in the parish of St. Her administrators were her two sons, William and Barnerd.

Gillberry, I have not yet had access to all the parish registers for all dates, all wills, nor examined all the census returns.

Therefore it is probable that much more is yet to be found regarding these families.

There are still others whose lines do not tie in to date but may become evident when other evidence is brought in.