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Aries: As is the case with many two-of-a-kind pairings, when two rams get together, it can either be a wonderful, energetic union or it can be a recipe for disaster, as neither of them will want to play the supporting role in the relationship.Success depends upon whether or not the two individuals can learn to occasionally let the other take the lead and call the shots.However, patience is not exactly one of their strongest virtues, and they are notorious for their tendency to be impatient and overly headstrong.

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But with the moon in affable Libra—and your relationship realm—connected with your ruler, Mars (which is retrograde), you’ll know just what to say and how to approach. Start with the friendliest face and work it from there.Today you might spend a lot of time with the special person in your life, Aries.Romance and affection are definitely a powerful factor in the course of your day, but much of what might bring you closer together is conversation. You're likely to exchange information that interests you both about specific subjects and yourselves and future plans. Sagittarius: Sagittarius is another highly energetic sign that can match Aries’s natural gusto all the way.

Both love being social, active, and living by the seat of their pants, so this relationship is one that is sure to be filled with fun and discovery.They are natural born athletes who thrive on challenge and love to be the first to accomplish something new.An Aries does whatever they do with astonishing gusto and unbeatable vitality, and they are highly notable for their honest, up-front way of approaching life and people as well.These two are very likely to fight over money manners, as Aries is something of a spendthrift, while Capricorn is very frugal.Aries also likes variety and novelty, while Capricorn is staunchly traditional, providing even more fertile ground for discord.It is also a union that makes for an active and adventurous sex life, as they are very much compatible when it comes to the bedroom.