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All students can easily join such research projects and thus learn to respond to business demands in a creative, innovative manner. The GCCA Intra-ACP Programme, funded under the 10th European Development Fund (EDF) financial framework, supports the 79 member countries of the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of States in their adaptation and mitigation responses.

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Today, the Fort is classified as an historic monument. by Saint Honorat, this monastery was a landmark for Christianity in the west throughout the 5th and 6th centuries.In this villa, built in 1902 by Thodore Reinach, everything has been designed to reconstitute the luxury and beauty of a noble home of Ancient Greece while incorporating modern amenities and comfort : frescos, mosaics, reproductions of artworks, antique furniture... The Abbey's influence covered a considerable area of the mainland.Shoemakers worked at home for a local company (now Désiré Tanis) in rue du Petit Valenciennes in a kind of cottage industry.A glassmaking factory installed near the railway track to the site of the former Intermarché collapsed after World War I.Today, economic activity is mainly based on tourism and local shops.

The town with its ramparts, its castle ponds and its history (including the Revolutionary Armed bivouac and the New Zealanders Monument on the border of Valenciennes) are major attractions.

Unlike the neighboring towns of Valenciennes or Maubeuge, iron/steel works did not take hold.

The lack of wealth underground and of a major transportation route partly explains this.

Crowned by a statue of the Virgin Mary covered in gold-leaf, this Italian baroque-style church dates back to 1656.

The museum in the cloister contains very precious ex-votos, preserved since the 19th century.4Accommodation provided by the Benedictine nuns for those seeking spiritual nourishment.

Accommodation, spiritual retreats and facilities for prayer.