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As you can see, it’s just Bam and Allison — no family.And there was this one of Bam in New York, also without the family.Bam thanks his fans for the "amazing" three weeks he spent in New York.

Police showed up to the scene and took an assault report from Peter against Matt.Peter claims on Instagram that someone is attempting to block the release of the fight video, but tells his followers 'I'm gonna get it released.'The fight comes just days after Matt Jordan reportedly went on Instagram live to expose Peter for urging him to ask for 10% of Kenya Moore's Real Housewives Of Atlanta don't miss a thing and now with a ring spotted on Joshua's finger, the questions are buzzing online today. There is a ring on his wedding ring finger, just a plain metal band, so is this a ring he is just sporting or is Bam the first of the Brown brood to enter into wedlock and maybe, yes day give Ami those grandbabies she keeps singing about!On his Facebook fan page, Joshua posted a photo he took of him and Allison together.

In the post, which has since been removed he called the producer, “a respecter of danger and my favorite person in the whole world.” The same Facebook page also includes a photo of Joshua at a Paul Mc Cartney concert.

Sal's Pizza in Little Italy, because he thanks them too!

One of the recent developments in the family so many have come to love is a reported new love interest for Joshua “Bam” Brown. Most people know that Allison is a producer on The pic above shows Kagan with the Brown son in New York’s Grand Central Station Oyster Bar.

He has his left arm around the neck of a fan, and there’s a ring on his wedding finger.

is among Discovery’s highest rated shows, and their fan base is devoted, loyal, and hoping the Browns will return to the small screen.

Cancellation would not be a surprise given charges of the show being fake due to multiple reports of the son, Matt Brown, is dealing with an alcohol problem right now.