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someone in front of a polling place with a nightstick, thatis intimidating for all voters. Conservative broadcasters and websites have claimed that the Obama administration is dropping prosecution of New Black Panther activists who were videotaped outside a Philadelphia polling station on Election Day 2008, making intimidating remarks; one man was carrying a nightstick.“So I walked directly in between them, went inside and found the poll watchers. And they told us not to come outside because a black man is going to win this election no matter what.” He said he then walked back outside and the man with a night stick told him, “‘We’re tired of white supremacy’ and he starts tapping the nightstick in his hand.

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When people take these issues and attempt to use them for political reasons, when they feed rage, they're doing something very, very dangerous.

I think, you know, historically it's a real problem." Thernstrom went further: In a recent interview with Politico, she said that conservative members of the commission had a political aim - to use the New Black Panthers issue to "topple" the Obama administration.

i walked up to the door, two gentlemen in blackpanther guard, one brandishing a nightstick, standing in front of thedoor. at that point, i spoke to him, wewould not get into a fistfight, i said, and i called the police.

LEVENTHAL: the person with the nightstick wasescorted away, which i just confirmed inside.

After he saw a Black Panther brandishing a nightstick to threaten voters, a poll watcher called police.

“As I walked up, they closed ranks, next to each other,” he told Fox News.he did not answer questions,other people here have confirmed that another person in black pantherattire was holding a night stick and apparently the concern was thatthey were intimidating people who were trying to go inside to vote.arepublican poll observer actually called the police, the police werehere and we miss them, they came and left. why don't you tell us — step down off the curb, if youdo not mind. CITIZEN: we got a phone call that there wasintimidation going on. i went inside and found full- watchers, they said they hadbeen here for an hour — i went inside and found poll-watchers, theysaid that they had said not to let people outside because black peopleare going to win no matter what.A recent Media Matters investigation has debunked charges that the Obama administration withdrew criminal charges against the Panthers (in fact, the Bush administration decided not to pursue criminal charges, with Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez testifying that the Bush Justice Department "determined that the facts did not constitute a prosecutable violation of the criminal statutes"; a civil lawsuit was filed in the last days of the Bush administration, and a judgment won by the Obama Justice Department in May 2009).Media Matters also found no evidence that any voters in the predominantly-black voting district had been prevented from voting."We saw testimony that the voters said they turned around and said they would came back; we don't know if they ever came back." Fund said there was a pattern of "consistent politicization" in the Justice Department, listing examples of Voting Rights Act decisions in the South.