Blackberry email folders not updating

A traditional email address for customer service is becoming a thing of the past.

A smaller, leaner customer service budget can be used to man Facebook and Twitter, which means more profit for big companies.

We found one phone number openly listed for Yahoo customer care, but there are a few other numbers you may find helpful in your quest for customer service.

blackberry email folders not updating-69

The emails which goes to my inbox shows up well but to the folder,none appears.

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Yahoo could be considered the second fiddle to Google in terms of Internet properties and ad integration.

While Yahoo is a huge company they are nowhere close to the size of Google and they offer fewer customer service opportunities.

I always re-direct some incoming emails to a particular folder but everything i check my blackberry.

It shows all the folders but the emails are not there.

Note: If you are unable to select Expand for any of the folders, or if the Change Option menu option is unavailable, try turning Wireless Reconcile on the handheld off and then on again.

If you use mail-extensions or our mail filter to automatically sort emails in folders, then the messages might not get transmitted via push services to your i OS device.

We were unable to find an email address or contact form for customer service, but we did send a message to Yahoo customer care via Twitter.

We were never able to find a main customer service phone number so we gave billing customer service a call.

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