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American singer Whitney Houston is her idol and she began following her path to reach her aim.

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She was also seen with him at his prom at Lower Merion High School. She also claimed that she married him secretly but Smith denied this claim. In 2004, Brandy was spotted with Quentin Richardson.Quentin Richardson is also a former professional basketball player.Ford, a 39-year-old model and actress, told the news outlet that she and Flo Rida (who born Tramar Lacel Dillard) broke up and dated at least three times between 2009 to 2011.The former couple, according to Ford, had nothing in common.She also appeared in R&B boy band Immature as their backing vocalist.

Her debut album, Brandy was released on 27th of September 1994. As she was an emerging talent, she signed a recording contract with Teaspoon Productions.In 1996, Brandy had a romantic love affair with Kobe Bryant. In the early 2000s, she began dating Robert "Big Bert" Smith.Kobe Bryant is a professional basketball player from United States. However, she didn't revealed dating him until she announced her pregnancy in 2002.Till now she has been nominated in MTV Movie Awards twice and out of these two nominations she has been honored only once. She got her second nomination in this award in 1999.Billboard Music Awards is one of the prestigious music awards in the world and she has also been honored with this award several times.The YBF writes, “Although she never said he wasn’t smart or intelligent (is was seriously implied), she described his conversational skills as ‘limited.'” Ford also dished that one of her boyfriends cheated on her in the past, though she wouldn’t reveal whether this person was Flo Rida or not.