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All eyes won’t be on you and your new babe, but it’s enough to know you are a duo. Host a game night: Invite family and friends over for a great time.

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Over the weekend, I'm sure the most asked question amongst the young, hip, and connected was "Is Jenny Mc Carthy really dating Chicago Bears player Brian Urlacher?" Although rumors were circulating a few weeks ago that she had been dating the professional footballer, it would seem that the two are, in fact, a couple. A close friend told the Chicago Sun Times that she "has really fallen for the guy.When she's ready to officially share her joy with the entire world, chances are you're going to hear about it.Do people who spend a lot of time on Twitter care about Mc Carthy's latest relationship? A selection of interesting responses to this throwaway story -- both good and bad -- have been included below.The blonde beauty was recently romantically linked to jeweller Pascal Mouawad following her split from NFL player Brian Urlacher but she insists she is staying single while she...

Model-turned-actress Jenny Mccarthy has dismissed reports she has found a new boyfriend just weeks after splitting from American footballer Brian Urlacher.Jim Carrey will ''always'' miss Jenny Mc Carthy's son Evan. Popper's Penguin's actor is believed to have not seen the 10-year-old - who Jenny had with former husband John Mallory Asher - since they...Jenny Mc Carthy is desperate for Jim Carrey to visit her son.He’s such a man’s man, the most macho guy Jenny’s dated or been involved with for a long, long time." Previously, Mc Carthy dated funnyman Jim Carrey, though that relationship ended famously in 2010. If this is the case, why her relationship with Carrey lasted for so long is truly anybody's guess.Since then, the former Playboy Playmate has been connected to sports agent Paul Krepelka, though that pairing appears to have come to a conclusion, as well. The couple was seen at a number of locations over the weekend, including RPM Italian, Studio Paris and Board Room.Here are some great ways to announce your new relationship: 1.