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It also spares you very real seconds—and frustration—by not sputtering under its own weight, as its fuller-featured counterpart most certainly can and does.

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The side benefit of stripping down so many features is that you use far less data. If you’re a Messenger power user, well, frankly you haven’t read this far because you’ve already switched back to your Word With Friends game. You can still get in touch with anyone who has a Facebook account. Civilization may well have reached a point where contacting people over Facebook is an occasional necessity.

But Messenger Lite at least means you can go ahead and get it over with.

To access data from your child's Messenger Kids account using a computer: You can also access data from your child's Messenger Kids account using the Facebook app for i OS or Android.

To access messages that your child has sent and received, you must log into your child's account in the Messenger Kids app and review their messages directly.

have than what it doesn’t, because the list is so short.

When you open Lite up, you get three gloriously straightforward tabs: Home, which shows your existing chats.

To add a contact for your child: Sleep mode lets you manage when your child can use the Messenger Kids app.

When the app is in sleep mode, your child won't be able to use it.

This week, Lite launched for those four more developed markets as well. Secondly, if you are for some reason heavily invested in the Facebook Messenger games ecosystem, which I know must exist because there is a game controller tab in the Messenger app every time I open it, you should stick with the full-fledged version.

Also, Lite doesn't support Secret Conversations, Facebook's end-to-end encrypted chat, but hey, that's what Signal's for anyway. Everyone else: Let’s explore why Lite is absolutely right for you.

Some of those choices persist in Lite, but not nearly enough to cause paralysis.