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And on any other day Hoseok would cave instantly, always weak for his little kitten and his abuse of how cute he is, but not today.“Nonono, time to get up! ” he insists and prys Yoongi off before standing up and hauling the sleepy kitten out of bed.Yoongi reluctantly opens his eyes and is met with the sight of Hoseok smiling down at him and why is he wearing that stupid Santa hat again?It's Yoongi's very first Christmas with Hoseok and he isn't very excited about if. It would be the first Christmas he was celebrating with Hoseok but he doesn’t think it would be any different to all the other years.


” he says cheerfully and plops down beside a groggy Yoongi.

Yoongi feels the familiar weight of Hoseok next to him and turns over to face him, pulling him closer and snuggling into him “Five more minutes Hobi.” he tries.

He knows Yoongi had never experienced a lot of things in his previous home but he’s determined to show the cat hybrid how wonderful all these festive holidays can be, especially Christmas.

--- [Christmas morning]Yoongi is sound asleep , curled up and warm under the blankets. And then Jung Hosek comes barging in and all chances of an extra hour or two of sleep are dashed.“Gooooodmorning sunshine!

The gameplay typically involves racing against other players or against the computer, on either a racing circuit or an off-road racing track.

Race them, jump them, drive them of cliffs, use them to pull of daring bank heists, fit them out with badass guns, or generally cause car-nage to your fellow drivers…Car games are games that let the player take place behind the steering wheel of a motor vehicle.Most of them are 3D, but many 2D car games also exist.My little pumpkin is afraid of pumkins.” he coos and pecks Yoongi on the nose as he moves around the kitchen preparing dinner.Yoongi scowls, sitting on the countertop with his legs dangling. They had stupid scary smiles.” he defends himself and Hoseok can only chuckle in response. These are the best car games that you have ever played.