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With Marvel abstaining from the closing Hall H Saturday spot this year, eternal Comic-Con fixture Kevin Smith is taking the p.m. Maybe he’ll talk the Jay and Silent Bob reboot; maybe we’ll learn something more about panel will being formally introducing the Thirteenth Doctor, Jodie Whittaker!Her co-stars Tosin Cole (who plays Ryan) and Mandip Gill (who plays Yasmin), series showrunner Chris Chibnall, and executive producer Matt Stevens will all be joining as well. We know that some of the cast and crew will be there, but the details of what they’ll be presenting are still unclear.When “Saturday Night Live” guest host Chris Pine emerged onto the stage for his opening monologue last night, he was fully prepared for people not to know exactly who he was. I knew that was going to happen,” Pine said, wagging his finger. That’s Chris Pine proceeded to bring SNL cast members on stage to clarify his identity, but they only confuse him with other famous Chrises.

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By even making remarks like these, Marvel is seemingly conceding that its target audience, its ‘core’ audience — and their ‘core’ characters — are white and male.” Moviegoers were introduced to The Black Panther in Marvel Studios' "Captain America: Civil War," but for The Post's David Betancourt, this has been a 50-year journey.(Erin Patrick O'Connor/The Washington Post) Little wonder that Marvel Studios, a Disney subsidiary that owns such lucrative franchises as “The Avengers,” “Ant-Man” and “Guardians of the Galaxy,” has been slower to reflect diverse characters on the big screen.Nerdist House One thing you won’t want to miss while planning your Comic-Con weekend is our very own Nerdist House!Stop by for some entertainment, hang-outs, live Nerdist shows, a VR experience based on the sci-fi series SONA, a party for the 200th episode of has a new unrated version to promote.Nitrozac uses a Wacom tablet to draw her illustrations.

If you can brave the crowds and fend off the Con-Flu, it can be a truly magical experience that releases your inner geek in full force.

The full schedule is now online, and we’ve noted everything we’re looking forward to below.

You can check out the official Comic-Con website for the entire list of official events.

Every year we flock by the thousands to America’s Finest City to see all of the best announcements, trailers, and panels that pop culture has to offer.

For those who are attending the holy grail of comics, TV, movies, and more this year, below is your complete guide to all of the best panels and events.

@Jason Falter @Marvel They don't even have 2 create new 1s: Living Lightning, Silverclaw, Firebird, et al.; tons of MARVEL POCs/females that could be reintro'd. “I can promise you that it’s not women going into comic-book shops, sick of female characters,” Micheline wrote.