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News of the next Fusion in San Diego was a welcome surprise... There is a lot do do in San Diego, and it will be a great venue for Fusion.Back to top (To South Texas, 2001) July 24, Sunday After church, and seeing Diane off on her trip to Ocean Springs Mississippi, Susann and I headed out for the 320 mile drive to Corpus Christ to help Lone Star College with ACT training at the TIVA conference.

We stopped at Angie's in Austin for breakfast, and made Corpus about pm.Our hotel was the Omni Marina Tower, next to a very interesting American Bank complex tower. We did a lot of exploring of the area on foot, as well as driving the shore side for miles over the coming days.I am a power user and this is my 4th Fusion, but there is always something to pick up, so I stopped by the Georgia Virtual School and “I didn't know I could do that” session next. And I can't wait for the ties to Google and Social media, the new dropbox, and the revamped calendar (especially i Cal support.) The Seating chart app looks neat, and the web cam integration that is coming could be very useful.While I have seen most of this stuff, there are a few features I need to get our e Learning director to turn on, so I can play more with them. Being the professional development coordinator, as well as faculty... But my boss and his i Pad will love Project Leeway, and Tablet based grading. Drum Line to welcome us, and our Fusion team contest results on the Jumbo tron Fun and Games Visiting team Locker Room I thought Mile High Club meant something else...But I made it only slightly damp and the umbrella held up.

There was a great presentation on e Learning and where it is headed, a good presentation on using user feedback, a fun display on setting up apps, how not to photograph (in my case, it would help if I had a good camera), and a very entertaining session on 'node...' you'll have to ask.

I wanted to see how other schools support online faculty. I was part of a lightning round on migrating to D2L, and the Aussies and De Paul folk were great. Skyboxes John Baker, showing off View of Denver At Chiller's Club, in Mile High... Fusion folk got involved, too July 12th sessions I started with D2L Capture followed by Adobe Connect. From there, I spent a great hour talking to folks about my Poster, and how we at TC reach out to student before they even enroll, to expose them to the environment, and cut down support calls using an external web site that I developed.

Mentoring's challenges were well covered by the folks at Elgin CC, and I see a few areas to explore. I just hope the group could see the passion for D2L. Very different products with different missions, and I see a need for both... The keynote was very thought provoking, though I wish see gave us a bit more about how her students work with her, and I wish she had given us more distinct marching order :) At I gave my presentation on faculty and student training, and some of the tools, and free alternatives, that I use.

We shared a Coconut shrimp dinner at Joe's Crab shack, then after the beach we returned for dessert, key lime pie.

We wandered around the T Head, saw a reconstruction of Columbus fleet Nina, and went by the Water Street Complex before heading back to the hotel.

John Baker, Desire2Learn big shot, even dropped by. too quiet; something crazy is about to happen What a great keynote...