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If you perform a cobbler import, the arch field will be auto-assigned.

If you don't already have a or filesystem tree available that you would rather import instead, skip down to the documentation about the ``import'' command.It's really a lot easier to follow the import workflow --- it only requires waiting for the mirror content to be copied and/or scanned.Templates are powered using Cheetah and are described further along in this manpage as well as on the Cobbler Wiki.Example: --ksmeta=``foo=bar baz=3 asdf'' See the section on ``Kickstart Templating'' for further information.Most users will not need these records initially and these are described later in the document.

The main advantage of cobbler is that it glues together many disjoint technologies and concepts and abstracts the user from the need to understand them. The DHCP server on the Ubuntu box should be using a . X However I am getting IP adddres in the 192.186.1. AT the bottom I have 2 huge chucks from before an after I made some change. Also see the aforementioned webpages for additional documentation, user contributed tips, and so on.After installing, run ``cobbler check'' to verify that cobbler's ecosystem is configured correctly.There is also mention of the Cobbler Web UI which is usable for day-to-day operation of Cobbler once installed/configured.