Cobbler not updating dhcpd conf black panthers intimidating voters video

The DHCP server on the Ubuntu box should be using a .

If you don't already have a or filesystem tree available that you would rather import instead, skip down to the documentation about the ``import'' command.

It's really a lot easier to follow the import workflow --- it only requires waiting for the mirror content to be copied and/or scanned.

Run ``cobbler sync'' after making any changes to the configuration files to ensure those changes are applied to the environment.

It is especially important that the server name field be accurate in /etc/cobbler/settings, without this field being correct, kickstart trees will not be found, and automated installations will fail.

General kickstart questions can also be asked at kickstart-list [at]

Cobbler ships some kickstart templates in /etc/cobbler that may also prove helpful.The latter two features are enabled by usage of 'koan' on the remote system.Update server features include yum mirroring and integration of those mirrors with kickstart.If you perform a cobbler import, the arch field will be auto-assigned.This is an advanced feature that sets kickstart variables to substitute, thus enabling kickstart files to be treated as templates.It allows the systems administrator to concentrate on what he needs to do, and not how it is done.