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Careful to not arouse the jealousy of his wife, Mother Earth, he arranged nights of kapu, in which men and women should sleep apart from each other.

Those were the beginnings of the many kapus between men and women.

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That being the truth in labeling of one of Hawaii's few remaining agricultural commodities, Kona Coffee. "Kona coffee has a richer flavor than any other, be it grown where it may and call it by what name you please." Mark Twain, 1866.It has been many years since Reverend Samuel Ruggles brought the first coffee plant cuttings to Kealakekua-Kona, Hawaii.It was only 10 years ago that Kona coffee acreage dropped to a mere 1,200 acres as the name Kona Coffee was becoming more of an icon throughout the coffee crazed world than the actual prized coffee bean from Kona.The "American Dream" was founded on the principals and idealism of equality, determination and freedom.Times have long passed when one could only choose local mahimahi or snapper in restaurants where the menu was otherwise filled with imported and frozen sole, lobster or salmon.

After writing for six years on the subject of Kona coffee and having expended countless number of hours lobbying and writing for the protection and preservation of our Kona coffee name, I have sworn many times to remove myself of any personal involvement within this industry outside of my coffee roasting and retailing business which I truly love and enjoy to work at.They mail the coconuts to their snowbound relatives elsewhere. Ten years ago, on the Puna side of this island, I spent my first few nights in Hawaii sleepless and stunned.It wasn't just the sudden transition from stark northern Europe to the lush and humid tropics that kept me awake.The sweet smell of freshly pulped coffee cherry stagnates in the morning air as coffee shacks of decrepit weathered wood and their patchwork of tin roofs sit low in the shade of tropical foliage.Woodrose creeps in the foreground, up crooked telephone poles and out across weeping lines.We got plenty ono pupu-poke, musubi, might even be some pipikaula and po'i in the fridge," don't hold your stomach (or cover your ears) in bewilderment.