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So, with that general background covered let's see if we can't make some concrete suggestions just for you. Assuming they are not already there, and with i Tunes closed, copy the active library files i Tunes Library.I'd suggest you start by making sure i Tunes is using the new i Tunes Media Organisation layout, except they've stopped using that description. Now click the icon to start i Tunes and immediately press down and continue to hold the SHIFT key until asked to choose or create a library.

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If a change broke the library, undo it or revert to using the previous set of library files.

Before you start any media files that are outside of the media folder should probably be consolidated, particularly if you want to end up with a fully portable library.

The basic non-fatal manipulations are: You can connect to an alternate set of library files by holding down Shift Win or Option Mac when starting i Tunes.

You can move the library files to a new location then connect as above as long as the media stays put.

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May 14, In the layout above, with the media folder everything in the red box inside the library folder, the library is considered to be portable.

That is it can be moved to a new location or drive without breaking the links between the database and the media.

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