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(Note: DNS and WHOIS are not web pages or web sites.

If you want to report abusive behavior, you need to report it to the system where the abuse originated.

The majority of the entries in the database of domain contacts were submitted voluntarily by responsible providers and domain managers.

If there is no intervention, the violence or abuse may escalate over time, both in frequency and severity.The terms dating and domestic violence are essentially interchangeable under NJ law.Dating or Domestic violence is a pattern of controlling or coercive behavior by one individual to maintain power and control over another in an intimate relationship.It can be physical, which is what most people think about, but it can also include emotional, sexual or economic abuse.For step-by-step advice on how to do that, see the extensive list at our sister site spam.

Some analysis and reporting tools can help do that, although there's no substitute for experience in looking at mail. The system helps you find the addresses of people who can do something about abusive activity.

Most abusive mail has forged return address information, so the To:, From:, and Reply-To: addresses are not the actual source of the message.

You'll need to adjust your mail program to show you the header information on the mail, and look at the first few Received: lines in each message to tell where the message actually came from.

Do not send anything other than new and updated domain contact information to any of the addresses on this page.

is not the network police; we do not want and cannot use copies of your spam.

Prject Tikvah provides Orthodox women with an array of services including: counseling by a trained Orthodox advocate, a 24-hour hotline, court advocacy, and if necessary, legal services.