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Being witty in a profile or conversation or showing pictures of you engaging in things that are meaningful to you convey a different set of values.I don't know your experience, but I do believe that showing your personality via any dating app delivers better results.This is in line with the old male chestnut "what women say they want is not what they want," women strongly side toward only vocalizing preferences that reflect well upon them. This short non-white guy has also found Tinder abysmal and self-esteem thrashing, with only a couple matches after hundreds upon hundreds of swipes.

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You're going to be misled by quite a bit of sampling bias if you just go by what you've heard.

As someone engaged to someone I met on Tinder, and I met a lot of attractive, relationship-minded women, Tinder is just far and away the most efficient way to meet attractive women.

If you haven't been in the dating pool for a long time, this is sort of like someone in Duluth making sweeping statements about Silicon Valley culture.

Sex is undeniably part of Tinder's allure, but consider that the lascivious media stories and coworker jokes make it a lot less likely that couples that met through Tinder are going to volunteer the information.

Like you, I've had much better luck with Ok Cupid, which makes it distressing that the online dating population in general seems to be shifting from Ok Cupid type sites to Tinder type ones.

with only a couple matches after hundreds upon hundreds of swipes.This isn't you being ugly, this is you misapprehending the math.a couple matches after hundreds of swipes is regular average successful male mating behavior.Tinder is not an app people seem to use to find "the one".From speaking to people who use Tinder (I settled down some years ago, so my experience of online dating was limited to OKCupid and Po F which were big back then), that the traditional route of finding a future spouse is still open, and Tinder is for hook-ups, one night stands, short relationships or maybe finding "friends with benefits" type relationships. It's the same behaviour that has been going on for hundreds - perhaps thousands - of years, but you can raise the bar of what you're looking for in terms of attractiveness if you yourself are attractive because you are not time-bound to last orders at the bar, and you are less likely to drop inhibitions because you are hopefully not constantly drunk whilst using it.I've more or less resigned myself to being alone and missing out on sexual opportunities between now and then.