Dating a lebanese women

”Moreover, a woman dared to challenge the host by french kissing a man on air.

This picture is seen most clearly in Lebanon, a land of complete contrasts, and a land that cannot be defined by one culture alone, except if one were to bring them altogether and classify them as 'Lebanese'.

Language, food, music, arts and various cultural facets are local Lebanese and performed practically all in Arabic.

From their Phoenician ancestors they have inherited an aptitude for business dealings and a fondness for travel.

These two characteristics could help to account for the fact that the Lebanese are migratory people. Since they have always been at the border between East and West, they often blend easily with the societies to which they migrate.

It is estimated that there are as many Lebanese settlers abroad as those living in Lebanon.

Areas of emigration include the United States, Canada, South America and Australia.

Fathers and elder males are the heads of the family.

Shame is avoided at all costs and insults are taken very seriously. Generally they will insist on paying for a meal, in which case it would be inappropriate to decline the invitation. Religion is highly respected and coveted in Lebanese society.

However, we should keep in mind that these men and women that are participating in the program are mature and have accepted to be part in it.

During one of Na2ashit’s episodes, a guy came and stripped in front of the women, everyone was insulting the ladies and calling them whores for accepting such a thing happening in front of them, doing nothing just laughing.

In the globalized world today, Lebanese youth of all faiths are quite westernized in outlook, breaking away with traditions like most other people of larger cities around the world who previously adhered to their traditional cultures in areas such as dating, music, food, etc.