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But, her 2015 career change from idol to AV idol pornstar sparked instant popularity.In recent years, there is immense competition and lack of recognition in the world of pop idols.

Special Presenter Award Awarded to the actress chosen specifically by the presenters of the event. On an extra note, there is also a production award ‘Best Works Prize’ which is separate to the individual awards.This prize has three categories and is awarded to the AV idol who starred in the top streamed, purchased and rented video titles of the year.They will definitely stay in the top-tier of Japanese AV idols for the next couple of years.Not to mention, they are all young so they won’t be going anywhere soon.The nominated AV idols are divided into two different award categories.

One is the ‘Best Actress Prize’ and the other ‘Best Newcomer Actress Prize’.

With her debut AV title ‘Princes Peach’ giving her instant fame and truckloads of fans, she received the Best Newcomer Actress Prize in 2016. Image Source If you haven’t seen any of her videos before check out my top 3 videos here!

You can tell that her popularity carried on after now receiving the title of Top Japanese AV idol in just two years! You will most likely understand why she is so popular.

If you are interested in seeing who they are in more detail click their name. This 24-year-old from Nagoya, Japan has been one of the most consistently popular Japanese AV idols since her debut in 2015.

Originally a former member of the all-girl idol group SKE48, she was of course ‘hot’ but never had her chance to shine.

During the voting period, fans who have a DMM account all have the right to vote for their favourite AV idol through an online poll.