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For all its age, it reads remarkably well and leaves little to the imagination.No other book preserves so extended an account of piracy, in both ancient and modern times, in all parts of the world, and the awakened public interest in the subject makes it desirable that a new edition should be placed on the market for the present-day readers.In beautiful format, 8x10 size, and all sections of the state represented, this has to be one of the best books on the subject available.

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Complete descriptions of campaigns, battles and operations in theses territories 224 pages, maps and photos TREASURE LEGENDS OF VIRGINIA - .95 By Mills Some 60 well written treasure leads in the Dominion State are chronicled in this fascinating book, some of which you will not find elsewhere.

Mills has done his research well and made a real effort to help the Virginia treasure hunter find close to home possible treasure wealth.

THE MISSING NEZ PERCE GOLD - .95 By Garrett When the Nez Perce began their tragic flight to Canada in 1877 a fortune in gold coins disappeared. 141 pages THE CIVIL WAR IN THE WESTERN TERRITORIES - .95 By Colton Between 18 the Civil Ware spilled over into Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona as the Confederates attempted to establish a corridor to the Colorado River and California.

The war became complicated by the involvement of the Indians.

This edition is a facsimile of the 1924 edition, 488 pages, with original index.

TREASURE LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES - .95 By R W Grim Today it is important to know your rights as a treasure hunter. R W Grim gives you the latest up to date state-by-state review of treasure related regulations.The unique feature of Laird’s accounts is that the research for these stories was done in 1927, and included his thesis that same year to the State University in Iowa. Here is one for the treasure hunter that wants genuinely researched leads.177 pages, lengthy bibliography GHOST TOWNS OF TEXAS - .95 By Baker The author writes about photographs, and maps 88 of the “best” ghost towns in Texas.Actual letterheads are shown form each state, giving the reader ready access to appropriate addresses and phone numbers.Since this book is updated with the changing laws, we send only the latest edition, and you will be able to find the answers you are searching for.Paper, profusely illustrated with photos past and present TREASURE LEGENDS OF GEORGIA - .95 By Mills For the Georgia treasure hunter this is a real addition to your library.