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Carl Zeiss Jena NVA 7X40 B/GA (Fernglas is the German word for binoculars ) On the binoculars there is :7X40 (on lens side)3445360 III-80 (on.

and scroll down to Zeiss cumulative production numbers to date your .

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The development of microscopes at Carl Zeiss began with the fabrication of simple but precise monocular light microscopes and evolved into more complex forms.The work of Ernst Abbe, Otto Schott and August Köhler was vital to this evolution.All Zeiss microscopes are manufactured in Germany and meet the highest quality standards.To be specific DDR Carl Zeiss Jena multi-coated Jenoptem 8x30w binos.Carl Zeiss and Zeiss Jena have been historically two different. Weird Dating Site Questions Dating Apps That Get You Laid Free Mature Dating Sites In India. Carl Zeiss - A History Of A Most Respected Name In Optics .

With some of this content dating back to the times when slow dial-up Internet access was .are fairly consecutive making most of them easy to date , during WW II.My old binoculars have finally died after 15 years use :( , I'm looking out for a .It applies mainly to the Zeiss Jenoptem 8x30 or 10x50.LIST OF ZEISS BINOCULARS FROM 1894-1950 ( JENA ) AND 1954-1972 .I have trouble finding information on binoculars in this size.