Dating game contestant serial killer

Rodney Alcala is a convicted rapist, torturer and serial killer who evaded justice for 40 years.

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Playing the role of a "groovy" film student, amateur photographer, single hot shot, Alcala moved around New York's single clubs.During the summer months, he worked at an all girl's summer drama camp in New Hampshire.While awaiting his third trial for the murder of Samsoe, DNA collected from the murder scenes of Barcomb, Wixted, and Lamb was linked to Alcala.He was charged with the four Los Angeles murders, including Parenteau.Because of the brutality of the beating, they thought she was dead and begin to search for Alcala in the apartment.

A police officer, returning to the kitchen, saw Tali struggling to breathe.Alcala took Tali into his apartment where he raped, beat and attempted to strangle her with a 10-pound metal bar.When police arrived, they kicked in the door and found Tali laying on the kitchen floor in a large puddle of blood and not breathing.His father left, leaving Anna Maria to raise Alcala and his sisters alone.At around the age of 12, Anna Maria moved the family to Los Angeles.They also found out his name and that he had attended UCLA.