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Muscle Beach Venice is the contemporary title of the outdoor weightlifting platform constructed in Venice, California, a distinct neighborhood in the city of Los Angeles, 18 years after Muscle Beach was established.Muscle Beach Venice was officially titled in 1987 by the City of Los Angeles with the distinguishing name "Venice" added to the location to honor the original Santa Monica site.A platform on the beach with weight lifting equipment provided a workout area for such famous bodybuilders as Vic Tanny, Jack La Lanne, and Joe Gold.Muscle House was a "crashpad" just off the beach where many bodybuilders would live for cheap rent and convenient access to the beach.It has adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which provides immediate and short bursts of energy for the muscles.

This is important when you are doing weight lifting or any intense physical training.Experience massive resistance retention, the bulkiest muscular training, increased endurance and the development of ideal lean muscle mass by using this supplement.Ripped Max Muscle is now once again one of the best supplements for men since the increase in testosterone hormones remains the most crucial health problem today.It was a common waypoint for bodybuilders such as Chet Yorton, Steve Reeves, Vince Edwards, Jack Delinger, George Eiferman, and Dave Draper.The site of Muscle Beach Venice has inherited the modern fame and attention that was initially generated by Muscle Beach in Santa Monica, as the tumbling platform from this earlier facility had been removed by the City of Santa Monica due to difficulties in the day-to-day maintenance and supervision of the original Muscle Beach site in 1959.The 1940 opening of the first of an eventual nationwide chain of weightlifting gyms by famed pioneer gym chain operator, Vic Tanny, only two city blocks from Muscle Beach in Santa Monica, is commonly considered a key contributor to the increasing attraction of bodybuilders and strength lifters to Muscle Beach from across the nation.