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I'm just out of a 25 marriage and it would not be fair to either of us to jump right back in. Much better on fuel and no problem driving in the city and finding parking.

But if your willing to throw caution to the wind and hit the road with a friend I'm the one. It is nice to have wifi just about every place now to keep in touch. ND, SD, NE them EAST through all states to NY State then back into Canada (Toronto) for most of the summer.

Then, when I'm tired and out of money, my plans are to return to Florida and rest until next year. I lived in a motorhome for 2 years and it was the experience of a lifetime.

Another person stayed for free in National Parks by being a volunteer camp host.

One couple I know hits the road every summer for a month and makes the relative circuit. I took off at the end of October and returned home in the middle of December.

I'm really looking forward to getting out and going.

I'm going to go voluteer to camp watch at two places in the next three weeks or so to work out the bugs and get acclimated to sleeping in a biog mobile box. If you ever make it back to Daytona, stop at the Tomoka State Park just outside of the town of Ormond Beach. I got tired of traveling by my self, hoping to find someone this summer to help me drive. I bought a 40: Prevost luxury coach and I'm going to hit the road. Since the marriage is over and I'm done working I felt now is as good of time as any.

My prized uncle taught me to drive, and the 'real world' taught me about 'logical things' like nature, friends, family, and how much your enjoyment of life depends of how much effort you put into seeking the pleasures!

I learned 'the country way' which seemed to always work, and after high school, went off to college to earn some 'degrees to 'show people'!The facilities are great, they are 27.00 and 1/2 that for seniors and disabled, and they have lots of trails to play on, good showers, and friendly staff. There is a singles group called Lowners on Wheels that travel together. I'm seeking a friemd and someone to share expenses.If interested check my profile out I added pictures of the coach it has plenty of room for two.I just moved to Edmonchuck, AB and rented a nice (and warm) apartment for the winter.Looking forward to making new friends here and winter exploring.One of the nicest places I stayed was the Hannah Park Campground owned by the city of Jacksonville Florida.