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Since both their primary culture and primary speaking language is Vietnamese, there would be a lot more familiarity to make it easy for them to relate to her and her family.

They also wanted my future wife to be well-educated, have a good job (or be on the way to one), and come from a nice respectable family, as most parents would. I have tried to ask out Vietnamese and other Asian girls.

I never really brought up my attraction to non-Asian women growing up because I assumed it would not be THAT much of an issue.

I was also striking out left and right with all women, so I had no one to bring home to show them and see how they would react.

This new bit of knowledge did make me wary of whom I tried to date for a short while.

However, I was still vastly unsuccessful with dating.

It was at this point in my life that we started having a series of serious sit-down talks.

No surprise, Vietnamese women are at the top of the dating preference list, for obvious reasons as stated above.I am attracted to Asian women, but I just never really hit it off with any.As I grew older, I then found myself extremely attracted to both white and black women as well.It might have been longer, but they had to clean up and close the place down, so we got (politely) kicked out.Suffice it to say, that first date blossomed into true love and a very serious, committed relationship.Of course, since I found myself around a lot more black women than I had ever been before, I found myself attracted to some of them.