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Mother and father decide a lot, and, what’s more, they have very strong positive feelings inside the family.That’s why, if you really dream to make a Filipino girl your wife someday, make her parents like you. RELATED: If You Date a Woman in Japan, Remember This!

If you can make good jokes, you can already have the best reputation in the Philippines.

Local girls love when men have a good sense of humor.

It doesn’t take much of you, but trust me, the girl will notice and appreciate it if you are nice and attentive.

Mind your manners, be generous and respect your lady’s personal space.

The year was 1998 and my wife and mother of our children had left us for good two years earlier.

I was a single dad and sole parent of 5 children all under 12 years old.If you wanted to find a lady from the Philippines online , you should understand how it works in her country not to lose the points.Dating can be easy if you know for sure how you should do it.A list of simple tips is here for you if you are dreaming about a girl from the Philippines.Every lady likes it when her partner behaves like a prince.Filipinos may be really conservative when it comes to some of their traditions and worldviews.