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, and stay tuned for a name reveal, which we assume will come in a post about Jeter's favorite taco truck in New York City.

Although, according to Hannah, he already has one picked out:"He already has a name in mind - he's set on it.

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We continue to identify technical compliance solutions that will provide all readers with our award-winning journalism.Across the board, Derek Jeter has had an amazing run in New York.Whether they play characters that are that white or they just never talk about their lineage, you may be completely surprised that these celebs have a black relative.Probably topping the list of people who really don’t look black is Derek Jeter.Tyra Banks A daytime television personality and host of America's Next Top Model, Tyra Banks was romantically linked to Derek Jeter by the media but the two never officially announced a relationship took place.

Big month for Derek Jeter -- first he gets the Marlins and now HIS FIRST KID! with Jeter expected to buy the Marlins, will the kid grow up rooting for Miami or New York!??! Back when Jeter retired from baseball in 2014, he said he wanted to start a family. He is of Irish, African-American and German descent. The family moved from New Jersey to Kalamazoo, Michigan.It was here he and became greatly inspired to pursue a career in baseball.Usually when someone has a black lineage the trait is obvious.But these biracial celebs have such light skin, it can be nearly impossible to tell that they are actually half black.Later on, he married Hannah Davis on 9th July 2016.