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*(Source: Vividata 2015 / Q2 / 18 ) The Toronto Sun was first published on November 1, 1971, immediately after the demise of the Toronto Telegram, a conservative broadsheet.

As there was no publishing gap between the two papers and many writers and employees moved to the new paper, it is today generally considered as a direct continuation of the Telegram, and the Sun is the holder of the Telegram archives.

It began as a French-language paper in 1778, and ultimately changed to an English language paper in 1822.

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We provide advertisers integrated leading-edge advertising solutions delivered to an engaged and growing audience.The Star Phoenix is proud to have served Saskatoon and area for 108 years. We are where people come for local news and analysis.The Ottawa Citizen began as The Packet in 1845, and has continued as the first choice for news and information in Canada’s capital for over 165 years.In a global, media-rich environment, eight out of ten newspaper readers in Ottawa stay informed with the Citizen’s in-depth analysis of local, national and international news and events.Advertise Subscribe The Winnipeg Sun was first published on November 5, 1980.

On May 10, 1999, the newspaper was relaunched, taking on an appearance consistent with the Toronto Sun, the Edmonton Sun, the Calgary Sun and the Ottawa Sun.Advertise Subscribe The Ottawa Sun is a daily tabloid newspaper that was first published in the early 1980s as the Ottawa Sunday Herald,.The first Sunday edition of the newly named Ottawa Sun was published on September 4, 1988 and the first daily edition appeared on November 7, 1988.Published Sunday through Friday and daily online at theprovince.com, no issue is too big, small or complicated. The Herald takes our role in the community to heart.We are especially proud of such initiatives as the Calgary Herald Christmas Fund, our annual Raise-a-Reader literacy campaign, the Riverbank Rescue Project, and the new Calgary Greenway.Throughout the week, 52% of Montreal’s English population reads the Montreal Gazette*.