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Athlete Ally also provides public awareness campaigns, educational programming, and tools and resources to foster inclusive sports communities.

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For more specific information regarding insurance, please read the UC SHIP Benefit Booklet or contact Barbara Rabinowitz, Student Insurance Manager at the Ashe Student Health Center.She can be reached at (310) 825-3416 or brabinowitz@edu.For more information, please visit the University of California Lesbian, Gay Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex Association.UCLA Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS): In addition to individual services, CAPS provides a range of programs to promote mental health, emotional resilience and wellness throughout the campus community.Alternatively, you can contact the following counselors directly to set up an appointment: Amanda di Bartolomeo - adibartolomeo@edu Saeromi Kim - skim@edu Dee Chappelear - dchappelear@edu The gender identity spectrum support group welcomes students who are exploring and/or identify ans transgender, gender fluid, and gender nonconforming in their identity and expression.

Relevant issues to be addressed include: challenges around coming out negotiating gendered environments establishing identity-affirming relationships coping with gender binary norms accessing health and social services supportive of transgender people addressing issues related to the transitioning process If interested or if you have questions, please contact Saeromi Kim, Ph. at CAPS at (310) 825-0768 or email skim@edu Trans 101: Terminology and Frequently Asked Questions I Think I Might Be Transgender, Now What Do I Do?Coming Out on Campus: A brochure on tips and resources for coming out.American Psychological Association: Answers to Your Questions About Transgender Individuals and Gender Identity American Psychological Association: Answers to Your Questions About Individuals With Intersex Conditions American Psychological Association: Answers to Your Questions For A Better Understanding of Sexual Orientation and Homosexuality Advocates For Youth: Research shows that homophobia and heterosexism greatly contribute to GLBTQ youth's high rates of attempted and completed suicide, violence victimization, substance abuse, teenage pregnancy, and HIV-associated risky behaviors.All UC campuses offer the same benefits for trans* students, including, doctor visits, travel and procedures.Hormones are covered under the prescription plan and counseling is provided by the Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) office.GSA: Gay-Straight Alliance Network: Gay-Straight Alliance Network is a national youth leadership organization that connects school-based Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAa) to each other and community resources through peer support, leadership development and training.