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Nathalie’s lack of understanding, her failures, her own personal problems, how people treat her and the way she treats others, make her a fascinating character to play, but I couldn’t be friends with her at all.Yes, and that’s so rewarding about acting, you get to play bourgeois or working class people, in different genres…

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His passion for meteorology and Alberta makes Cory a great addition to the CTV Morning Live team.When he’s not chasing storms or reporting the weather situation, Cory can be found hanging around Edmonton.Playing a recently divorced teacher who becomes jealous of her daughter, friends – just about anybody, really – Ms.Viard paid a short visit to Arras to promote the release of the film.Today, Cory continues to track storms and all other types of weather systems as a meteorologist and CTV Morning Live’s Weather Anchor.

Cory has been a meteorologist for over five years and is a proud graduate of the University of Alberta.He has years of television experience; starting out behind the scenes, working in news production.His love of weather chasing brought him in front of the camera.Hopefully in the very near future, we’ll be able to sit down and talk about their inventive approach to the art and the craft of filmmaking.Meanwhile, the calendar has turned a page and November has begun. A few months from now, we will all know the nominations for the major film awards when the of 2017 will be announced. Viard’s tour-de-force performance in “Jalouse,” it’s not unlikely that she might gather another – her eleventh – César nomination and possibly a third César win.On top of that, it was very well written: everything you see on the screen, was written in the script, we didn’t improvise anything.