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You’ll have to keep in mind that this will only work on Xperia devices that have their bootloader unlocked.Right now, it’s in beta stage but works across most Windows PCs.For a brief overview, you can check out any of our various tutorials on how to root your Samsung devices.

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Once installed, you just have to connect your smartphone to your PC via USB and then fire up the program.It will search for software updates for you, but only official updates will be available to you.KIES: This program is used to update Samsung branded devices, allowing us to download the ROM and install it to the mobile device from your PC.KIES itself downloads the firmware for you based on your device and location, so if a ROM hasn’t been rolled out to your device or location, you won’t be able to install it using KIES.There are generally two ways to update your device: over the air (OTA) or manual updates, which is a bit more complicated.

We’ll show you how to do both across various devices.Custom Recovery: If you don’t see a compatible program in the following list for your device or manufacturer, the best option may be to install a custom recovery on your device.This is one of the simpler methods for flashing custom ROMs and backing up your device and is accessed when you reboot your device.To install the ROM, you’ll have to locate the specific program which is suitable for your brand of smartphone or use a custom recovery, which requires your device to be unlocked and rooted.You can learn more about installing custom ROMs here.Odin: Another program that allows you to install ROMs on your Samsung devices.