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Details View control has the properety Auto Generate Edit Button.

In order to update a record, set the value of Auto Generate Edit Button property as true.

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I'm saving the "#ffffffff" as the string version of the color in the database.

To bind to the colorpicker I do this in the grid's Item Bound event: I beat my head against the wall on this one as well, but with the Details View object.

Here was an alternate solution I came up with for multiple color pickers that may save others some time: The Template Field in the Details View: Hope this helps others (including the System.

Drawing class would be the more eloquent way of implementing this, but the code provided is strictly for educational purposes) It's a hack until there is a more eloquent solution, but it works for now...

Details View control supports the edit, insert, delete and paging functionality.

Write down the connection string in web.config file.

Form View and SQL Datasource is awesome in my opinion. Return sql Return Catch ex As Exception Throw ex End Try End Function The problem is that how does databinding work?

You can just bind your controls to data field in the markup, its great. It won't work the same way as having the sql data source in the markup. Well here is a trick to do it: For example, to Update, handle the Form View's Item Updating event, and then loop through each value in the Update Parameters list in the sqldatasource, and manually assign each value from e. Private Sub frm Data_Item Updating(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.

Becomes a bit of a challenge when you want all your data related stuff to be done in the Data Access Layer, but hey, you have to bind the data to the UI one way or the other, right. Int32) End With 'Build Update Command and Parameter List sql Return.

Anyway, if you want to create your SQLData Source in the code behind, you can easily do that. Update Command Type = Sql Data Source Command Type.

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