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Identity certificates and licenses are transferred to and from AD RMS servers when you attempt to open, print, or perform other actions on a document protected by rights management.If your PC is connected to an enterprise network, the AD RMS server is typically operated by the enterprise.Information collected, processed, or transmitted If you allow apps access to the advertising ID, Windows will provide it to all apps that request it. Use of information Your advertising ID is used by app developers and advertising networks to provide more relevant advertising to you by understanding which apps you use and how you use them.

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If you turn this setting off, the advertising ID is not sent to apps that request it.

If you choose to turn the setting on again, a new identifier will be generated.

Owners of digital information can define how recipients use the information contained in a file, such as who can open, modify, print, or take other actions with the file.

In order to create or view a file with restricted permissions, your PC must be running an AD RMS enabled app and have access to an AD RMS server.

If you're using Windows Live AD RMS services, the server is operated by Microsoft.

To help protect your privacy, information that is sent to Microsoft AD RMS servers is encrypted.

Top of Page Audit allows an administrator to configure Windows to record operating system activity in a security log that can be accessed using the Event Viewer and other apps.

This log can help an administrator detect unauthorized access to the PC or resources on the PC.

If you allow apps to access the advertising ID, each app’s use of the identifier is subject to that app’s privacy practices.

Choice and control If you choose express settings while setting up Windows, Windows will allow apps to use your advertising ID.

Choice and control AD RMS features must be enabled through an AD RMS-capable app. Top of Page What this feature does To provide more relevant advertising, Windows allows apps to access a unique identifier for each user on a device.