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Unfortunately, it also gives scammers another channel to utilize for sextortion, that Steve Baker mentioned.

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This will most likely lead to an increase of organized sextortion gangs.Sextortion is when scammers lure victims to either get naked or perform sexual acts on a video call and record the act to later threaten to distribute it unless paid.We sat down with Steve Baker, former director at FTC, and Patrik Frisk, Besedo CEO, to discuss the future of romance scams and how artificial intelligence can help you prepare.With so many potential victims it’s important that companies take responsibility for the safety of their users, and learn how to spot scammers and how to prevent them from reaching end users.Companies need to: This is exactly what our clients are doing.

They realize that it’s not only bad for the bottom line when users get scammed, they also feel responsible for keeping their users safe.The number of male victims matches that of females, they are just far less likely to complain.Romance fraud also targets the LGBT community and it’s a global issue with scammers operating out of centers in, for example, Africa, Russia or Ukraine, but targeting people across the globe. Unfortunately, while we have companies like Besedo working hard on creating solutions and technology to help prevent fraud, scammers are also working overtime to develop new ways to con victims.One new trend scam, that may get harder to combat because of this is a shift in where the scam takes place.Scammers have gotten a lot better at creating genuine looking profiles, which moves the scam detection to 1-to-1 messages.Scam markers are specific elements within a text, picture or the surrounding data that indicates that there’s a chance this could be a scam.