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"Having for dinner, not what you're getting later," she joked and grabbed his ass.

Chris bent forward, placed his palms on the bed with his feet wide apart. He glimpsed his wife while she stroked the flat of the paddle. "Ok, you've had enough, come here." "No," Deb's replied stronger, "I want the rest." She took her position, sniffed, and wiped back tears. Whack, the next was the same, and the sobs returned.He knew this was going to hurt, but the tingle in his stomach also caused another part of him to tingle. " "Yes," was Chris' reply, followed almost immediately by a loud smack. "Hmm, I think these need to go," Deb said lowering the paddle. Three quick hits made Chris lift up onto histoes and almost lay on the bed. Chris leaned in again, and let out two loud grunts. She lay forwarded rolling onto her side and reached one hand back. The red in Deborah's cheeks had no gentle fade at the edges, only a harsh contrast to the rest of her skin. "Really Deb, it's ok" "I want the rest, I'm ready...please." Chris lined up the paddle. Chris excitement was evident as his boxers pushed out in front, despite the hesitation he felt, "Now we're even." "Give me the rest," Deb pleaded, panting loudly "You're sure? You just be ready to fuck me when you're done." That comment erased all doubt, and if it was possible Chris' excitement doubled. Deb pushed back against it, but stayed in position. Chris whipped off his boxers, and stepped up behind his wife.He walked without bending his knees, and gently put is hands to his sore backside. This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved.Chris walked into the office and noticed that the computer was on. "After the way you've been acting, and the cheating, I think that's fair. " Deborah took a deep breath, "I deserve it." Chris drew back the paddle, hesitated an instant, and then swung. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission." "To eat," he added just as Debbie was going to make a smart comment.

"What ever you're having is fine," she said as she kissed him.He stopped in front of the TV and hefted the paddle. This was certainly the heaviest implement they owned and a part of him was not looking forward to feeling it. Nothing exciting, but neither potential spankee gave up on their team.Especially not tonight, "Let's go guys." He replaced the paddle and trotted toward the stairs like the players heading into the locker room. Deb was across the hall at the computer in her Giants sweatshirt and stretch pants, "Just checking emails. With under a minute to go, Washington had just tied the game. Two players dove for the ball but it avoided their grasps and bounced away.He thought checking his fantasy football might distract him. How many times have I asked you to turn off the computer? Chris sat gently and kept some weight on his feet, he pushed the mouse and the familiar list of new emails appeared. " "Oh you can't weasel out for something like that " "Oh I'm not. He took off down the field, easily out distancing everyone else. " Chris was transfixed mumbling quietly, "get him, get him." The kicker made a valiant attempt, diving for the Giant but only sprawled himself across the field.