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With 270's closure, he continued his career in advertising while still doing the odd bit of DJ work on the side.

By the time commercial radio had become established in the late seventies he was running one of the biggest airtime sales companies in the country, while still finding time to look after the occasional holiday relief DJ stint on one or other of his client stations (Radio Orwell, Piccadilly Radio, Radio Hallam, Radio 210, BRMB and others).

He also attended the Offshore 50 reunion in August 2017.

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After completing his education, he joined the RAF for five years and spent some time with the British Forces Broadcasting Service in Cyprus.

A car fanatic, after leaving the service, he spent two years working for the Ford Motor company. His official station biography mentions his interest in cars and says that, at the time he was on 390, he owned two Ford Anglias, a 1935 Morris and a 1934 MG Midget.

He was also involved in the setting up of a community radio station in Lincoln.

(Many thanks to Jonathan Shirley for providing Jonathan Hall's official Radio 390 biography, to George Morris for this Free Radio Association photograph and to Harry Whitmarsh for the career update.Life on the Knock John Fort, Radio Essex's home, was fairly basic but it was all good training. This instrumental was written by John Walters then a member of Alan Price's Set but later famous as John Peel's producer at Radio One.Guy stayed as it changed name to BBMS (Britain's Better Music Station) but, when the pay cheques started bouncing, decided it was time to move on. He was known as “Wise Guy” and ended each show with “T. The smallest of the radio ships, 270's Oceaan 7 was the only one to raise its anchor and steam back into port to collect supplies.When accessed from desktop/laptop browsers, your site may offer all kinds of features necessary for online dating and beyond.Non-essential features are optional, so make your own unique combination!Initially Guy only stayed with 270 for three months.