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Update 9 October: Production is apparently going to run right up to summer 2018, making an early 2019 release date likely.

In 2004, he released a track with Ayah that was featured on The Unabombers' Electric Soul 2.In 2006, Calvin Harris signed a publishing deal with EMI as well as a recording contract with Sony BMG.His music came to prominence after he posted it on his My Space page.At the time of his discovery, Harris had moved back to Dumfries from London after failing to find work in the capital.season 7 and hoping that they leaked early that we forgot about the long, cold wait for new episodes after the season is broadcast.

Fans awoke on Monday morning to months spent wondering and theorising over what will happen now that the Night King is south of the Wall, but just how many exactly?

We'll update you when there's official word from HBO, but for now, mid-summer to early autumn at the latest is a Update 30 August: THR is reporting, citing HBO sources, that production on the final season may end up being very long, running from October to as late as August 2018.

'That could push the return of the abbreviated six-episode final run into 2019 with a more than 16-month gap between seasons.

However, by the end of the night one date would be left standing.

The lonely heart had to make a choice of either Fearne's date, or Holly's.

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