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More importantly, what works may not be appropriate later on as lifestyles and relationships change.

Therefore, birth control methods need to be reevaluated from time to time.

Mentally categorizing an encounter as a hookup or casual does not mean we won’t have to deal with feelings about it.

It is when birth control is not discussed that spontaneity goes out the window and mutual respect is undermined.Romance is better preserved, in both causal and long-term relationships, when birth control is acknowledged as a shared responsibility.The center is available for walk-in intake; crisis intervention; individual, couples and group counseling and psychotherapy; and psychoeducational workshops and consultation.Pride Center Works to provide a safe and welcoming environment for UT’s diverse lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, and ally communities.To first get an idea of what options are available, provides information on all of the different birth control methods and even includes a comparison tool.

Student Counseling Center Works to promote the psychological, educational, and social well-being of UT students and to help prepare them to be productive members of society.

As a physical symbol of UT’s commitment to diversity, the Pride Center provides support, resources, and a community space for UT’s LGBTQQI and ally students, faculty, and staff, as well as anyone who seeks to learn about sexual orientation or gender identity.

The Pride Center sponsors programs and events that raise awareness, increase visibility, and engage in advocacy regarding LGBTQQIA issues.

Services provided include annual female examinations, Pap smears, birth control, pregnancy testing, and screening and treatment of sexually transmitted infections.

Knox County Health Department Seeks to encourage, promote, and assure the development of an active, healthy community through innovative public health practices.

Deciding which method to use can be a confusing process.