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In February of 2011, I contacted several Rinzai-ji Oshos personally and expressed my hope that they would begin to address this issue.

I received two responses; the first, from Eshin Godfrey Osho that said, “You ask that I make every effort to address the issue you see of ‘inappropriate conduct of Joshu Sasaki Roshi with female students’. not being in the family I do not see you are in a position to expect it.” The second response was a brief reply from Koshin Cain Osho that promised a later response, which has never come.

For decades, Joshu Roshi’s behaviour has been ignored, hushed up, downplayed, justified, and defended by the monks and students that remain loyal to him.

My own personal relationship to Rinzai-ji has been rocky to say the least, and I am no longer a member of their organization.

It would be easy to turn the spotlight onto my relationship with Rinzai-ji, and I fully expect that will happen.

I don't know how to swim and I was scared of falling over, but as you can see, I did not fall, I did not slip and I enjoyed the point I even formed James Bond and stood on the kini... I cannot say the same for the truck ride, I kept riding off-course and kept jamming people in front of me, at one point my truck almost toppled over, I fear oh! In the photo below you can see when I started my journey, and the picture on the right is my chicken face after one round, pere. The people at the entrance were nice, no, we did not get smiles, we were not really expecting smiles and I can understand because they were under the sun, if na you, you go smile?

The boys enjoyed it more, even Miss Chic; they were racing, riding with one hand. There was no chaperon inside the leisure area, the managers of the ski made sure we sha wore our life jackets, also the managers of the trucks did not allow non-riders to just waltz around those riding, to avoid accidents.

Noted for holding detailed audience Q&A sessions, initially attached to his movies, he discovered that people would pay to come to an auditorium and listen to him tell stories and answer audience questions without any context. He was one of the first film directors to have a major internet presence, going all the way back to the mid-90's.

Currently, he can easily be found on either his twitter page or his official message board (which his wife and friends also frequently post on) or his internet radio station.

On my last Monday Chit-Chat post I mentioned going to Lekki Leisure Lake and I got so many questions regarding my visit.

I will answer them all today and maybe you might decide to go there too, why not? That's what it was: a beach with some toys around it...

My hope is that the healing that has been denied to so many victims can finally begin.

I promised that the review will not "tay" and I am keeping to my word.

His career of misconduct has run the gamut from frequent and repeated non-consensual groping of female students during interview, to sexually coercive after hours “tea” meetings, to affairs and sexual interference in the marriages and relationships of his students.