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There are both advantages and disadvantages to mixed-ethnic relationships. But the more interethnic marriages a society witnesses, the more normalized they become.

And it has been hypothesized that children of mixed parentage may have genetic benefits as damaging recessive genes are minimized.

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are going to have to struggle mightily to survive the Neo-Melting Pot and avoid being part of the one-size-fits-all human model. He made them uniquely different and intended that these distinctions remain. Because I believe God made the races, separated them and set the bounds of their habitation (Deuteronomy 32:8; Acts ).We are presently most closely committed to the definition given last summer at the Presbyterian Church in America annual meeting: “Racism is an explicit or implicit belief or practice that qualitatively distinguishes or values one race over other races.” That is what I mean when I say I was a racist growing up in Greenville, South Carolina.My attitudes and actions were demeaning and disrespectful toward non-whites.This law was paralleled in Israel in the Old Testament (Deuteronomy 7:3-4) which forbade the Israelites from marrying foreigners of a different religion.

But there are many marriages and children of mixed ethnicity that are held up with honor.Caleb's father is called a Kenizzite (Numbers )—descended from one of the nations of Canaan. Moses' wife was a Cushite from Midian (Exodus -21)—as was her father who served as a counselor for Moses (Exodus -27).Ruth the Moabitess has an entire book dedicated to her and her faithfulness to her Jewish mother-in-law.When native men are killed in war and refugees from that war immigrate in, interethnic marriages become common.Barring the outside influence of foolish prejudice, native culture is a much bigger issue in relationships than skin color.Interracial marriage was against the law in sixteen states in 1967 when the The first website that came up on my Google search for Martin Luther King and interracial marriage was the website of the Ku Klux Klan which still has this anachronistic quote today: “Interracial marriage is a violation of God’s Law and a communist ploy to weaken America.” Many African Americans believe interracial marriage erodes the solidarity of the African American community. I was a southern teenage racist (by almost any definition), and, since I am a sinner still, I do not doubt that elements of it remain in me, to my dismay.