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" - "Why would you get rid of so-called "single use" shopping bags, when they are so convenient? It is the excessive use of packaging which is the real problem. Most of this waste is single use hard plastic that could be recycled. " - "With domestic and international tourism both in and out of Australia on the rise, when will the issue of waste on Airlines been addressed?

Last time I did a domestic flight I was served a slice of cheese, a biscuit - each wrapped in plastic and packaged in a box, a plastic bottle of water, a plastic cup, plastic containers with milk, a straw and serviettes.

If we of the environmentally conscious cohort cannot convince the supermarkets' management to cease this practice and / our fellow Aussie consumers from purchasing their foods in this manner, could we at least have the tray made of an environmentally friendly material.

I am thinking of, preferably, recycled / recyclable cardboard trays or 'class' 1 or 2 plastic trays." - "Not necessarily a question for the current panel: Modern business models use technology smartly.

"As someone with disposable income, spare time and no health issues, I can go to bulk stores, make things and pay extra for products with no packaging.

While in some areas this lifestyle saves you money since you attempt to consume less, in other areas it is expensive and time consuming.

Obviously this is a generalisation, however it reflects the social construct that women are 'caring' and men are not.

How can we engage men in this issue when the society that we live in refuses to support this feminine 'trait' in men?So many journals are mailed in plastic packaging instead of a paper envelope.Other packaging consists of a mixture of plastic and paper, the separating of which is onerous and time wasting.Opinion is different to misleading info disguised as fact. " - "With federal and state government improvements to medication access to Hep C and HIV why is it such a long waiting time - 6 to 12 months - to get appointments to see specialists in this region, even some of them being a few hours drive to get to there clinics, on the other life threatening health conditions becoming more common as people age." - "Just as donated clothes are recycled and repurposed, the profits from op-shops like Vinnies are returned to help disadvantaged people in local communities.But in the age of Gumtree, e Bay and disposable �Fast Fashion� brands, how can op-shops remain a sustainable solution? Excessive and unnecessary packaging is the real culprit but would you ban it. Two years of reusable "single use" bags is only 1kg ." - "As a nurse working in a busy metropolitan hospitals I am astounded by the waste produced each day.Removing items from shrink wrapping in plastic can be fraught with danger." - "Is �development� in coastal villages in Australia just a foregone conclusion or can we change the minds of people to think of �progress� along different lines?