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There are times when nurses must manually dispense IV medication.

For example, during a power outage or if an automatic IV medication drip isn’t operating, it requires manual dispensing.

A label placed at the top of the line and/or closest to the insertion point helps ensure proper dispensing Same Dose - Medication dosage is often changed from shift-to-shift.

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The fact is, roughly one in 20 hospital patient’s have experienced an adverse drug event.

As a result, experts believed that advances in technology—such as the use of so-called smart pumps—were the key to solving that problem.

A flow strip provides the information nurses need to dispense the medication properly.

Standard protocols require regular IVs changes to prevent infection.

The systems design is especially important when patient complexity increases. But, when multiple IV bags and lines are involved, the complexity increases.

According to a report in Pharmacy Practice News that analyzed errors associated with multiple IV lines: Without ongoing vigilance, hospitals risk a sentinel event.

However, because they contain no procedural detail, they inadvertently promote the traditional focus on individual performance rather than system improvement.

Procedures for ensuring each of the Five Rights must take into account human factor and systems design issues including such as ineffective double check protocols, problems with wristbands and more that can threaten or undermine even the most conscientious efforts to comply with the five rights.

However, when the systems design and internal protocols include IV Line & identification labels a reduction in the unintended errors of IV line medication can occur.

IV Line & identification errors assist the medical staff and guide the right dose at the right time by the right route.

Allergies, juggling multiple medications and dealing with the tangle of tubing that exists when multiple IV infusions need to be administered to a single patient are problematic.