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Honoring her father's religious traditions, Peet was raised Quaker, despite being half Jewish (from her mother's side).

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In 2002, Peet played a considerably less vicious wife in Changing Lanes with Ben Affleck and Samuel L.Jackson, and won no small amount of praise for her performance as the heroin-addled mistress of Kieran Culkin's godfather in Igby Goes Down.The Aaron Sorkin written series received major critical acclaim but was cancelled after just one season. In 2003 Peet dove back into drama, playing a prostitute in the film character — which is her latest small-screen endeavor playing a manager of a minor league baseball team — Peet admitted the sport doesn't excite her much.“I watched a few documentaries, but I still don’t understand it,” she told in 2017, recalling her attempt at researching her new role.After starring in director Neil Turitz's debut Two Ninas, Peet landed a leading role in Peter M. While the film itself performed dismally, Peet met her boyfriend, Brian Van Holt, on the set.

Despite it's independent status, Whipped was given a solid amount of mainstream marketing, and Peet was praised for a game performance in the face of an admittedly weak script.Born on January 11th, 1972, Amanda Peet grew up in New York and made a decidedly unconventional debut into showbiz: At three-years-old, a thoroughly uninvited Peet jumped onto a stage during the middle of a play.Despite the auspicious beginning, Peet treated acting as more of a hobby than anything else, and only began to consider it a potential career after her drama professor at Columbia University encouraged her to audition for renowned acting teacher Uta Hagen.In this viral apocalypse blockbuster, Braga is brave enough to be the last woman on earth, find Will Smith, fight off zombies and stave off the infection that killed the rest of humankind. Tyler spends most of the movie waiting for news of her loved ones—good thing she has those Aerosmith power chords to keep her going!Find tunes that will keep you moving on one of SELF's celebrity playlists!author Stephenie Meyer's self-proclaimed personal favorite book is bound for the big screen.